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Chiropractic is different

Chiropractic is different

Chiropractic is different

Chiropractic is a unique approach to health. It is a natural healing art that is based on the principle that good health depends primarily on a properly functioning nervous system. Why? Everything in your body; every cell, tissue, muscle and organ gets its function from nerve supply.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and a vast network of nerves that controls and coordinates every aspect of your body. It is the body’s communication system; the information super highway between your brain and your body.

The spinal cord extends from the brain and continues down a tunnel through the spinal column. Improper alignment or movement of the vertebrae (spinal bones) can hinder the flow of vital communication between your brain and body resulting in diminished function and ill health. This common source of interference is called a vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors locate and remove these subluxations in order to restore the integrity of the nervous system. By removing the interference, the body can once again function properly, leading to true health.

Chiropractic has helped millions enjoy relief and better health for more than a century.


How Can We Help You?

Chiropractic is different

Chiropractic is different

Most people do not realize how important their spine and nerves are to their overall health and well being. A disruption to the proper communication between your brain and the rest of your body can cause disharmony and dis-ease within your body. This communication breakdown can eventually lead to dysfunction or symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, colic, ear infections, allergies, lack of energy, poor sleep and many other challenges.

When this interference is removed from the body by a chiropractic adjustment, stress on the nervous system is relieved. The communication between your brain and body will be restored allowing for proper functioning. You will be healthier!

Improve the quality of your life and lives of your family members with chiropractic care!



Dr Lisa Lewis

Chiropractic is different

Dr Lisa Lewis

 After graduating in 1983 from Life Chiropractic College, Dr Lisa married fellow chiropractic classmate, Dr. Rich Lewis. They settled in Scituate, Massachusetts and opened Lewis Family Chiropractic in October 1984. In 2003, two years after the death of her husband, Dr. Lisa sold the practice and turned her focus to raising her three children. She provided per diem chiropractic coverage for maternity leave, vacation, illness and injury for many years before establishing Cohasset Family Chiropractic in February of 2011.

A strong commitment to continuing education allows Dr. Lisa to stay current with best practices to provide state of the art chiropractic care to her patients. She is trained and proficient in a variety of traditional and gentle chiropractic techniques, including the Webster Technique for pregnant women, all safe, natural and effective. Dr. Lisa loves to dance, cycle, hike, cross-country ski, practice yoga, play Mah Jongg and enjoy the local beaches. She is a member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society, Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, League of Chiropractic Women, Rotary Club of Cohasset and the South Shore Women's Business Network. Dr Lisa volunteers her services at Rosie’s Place in Boston as part of the Boston Benevolent Chiropractic Clinics team.

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Our Services


Who comes to our office?

Who comes to our office?

Who comes to our office?

People seeking relief from symptoms or pain:

People with headaches, back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, sports injuries, car or work accidents, numbness, tingling, sciatica, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, poor posture, ear infections and more.

People seeking improved health:

Individuals and families seeking proactive wellness care because they understand that a healthy spine helps the whole body to be healthier by improving proper function. Spinal health influences the function of other body systems such as the immune, circulatory, endocrine and digestive systems. A nervous system that is free and clear of interferences allows the body to adapt, respond and recover more effectively to all the demands of life. Along with the physical benefits, a properly functioning nervous system can help your mental and emotional well-being as well.



What is health?

Who comes to our office?

Who comes to our office?

Most people believe that when they feel good, they are healthy and when they feel bad, they are sick. They believe that having no symptoms is an indicator that they are healthy. Many diseases and conditions like cancer, heart disease or high blood pressure develop in the body for months or years before showing any signs or symptoms.

Chiropractic is based on the principle that health is a state of wholeness where all of the cells, tissues and organs are functioning at 100%; not merely the absence of symptoms. One hundred percent functioning is dependent on full communication between the brain and the body via the nervous system.

What we want for you (or Our Mission)

We want you to be pain free, truly healthy, with a body that is functioning at its highest potential. To achieve these goals, we provide safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care specifically tailored for each individual. Our goal is to make chiropractic care available and affordable to everyone in the community. We accept many insurance plans. If we are not a provider for your insurance plan, we offer a variety of affordable care plan options to fit the needs of you and your family. 


What to Expect

Who comes to our office?

What to Expect

Your initial visit (allow 45 minutes)


The consultation is a designated one-on-one time for you and the doctor to discuss the reasons you are seeking care, review your health history and to explain how chiropractic works and how it can help.


Following the consultation the doctor will perform a chiropractic evaluation testing the health of your spine and nervous system. This includes a computerized postural analysis.

X-Ray Study

Depending on your health history, age, and exam findings, we may recommend an x-ray study. X-rays allow us to see the alignment and motion of your spine and provide a clearer picture of your spinal biomechanics and spinal history. Cohasset Radiology takes our x-rays for us.

Your Second Visit (allow 30 minutes)

Report of Findings

On this visit Dr Lisa will review your consultation and exam findings from your first visit, explain how we can help you, recommend your personalized care plan and review financial options.

Your First Adjustment

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